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Stockholm Lock

Hummus, you know that mashed-up garbanzo goo… well, mostly I can take it or leave it. If it’s there in the fridge, sure, I’ll plunge in with a Dorito or two. But Mrs. Stagger is big fan. I mean huge. Not that she’s huge… no, no, no. I just mean she’s  always buying little tubs of hummus. Plain hummus, garlic hummus, olive hummus, all kinds. She even whips the stuff up in her own mighty food processor. It’s almost a weekly thing.

Anyway, remember how we had a Beer Summit? Well, just wanted to let you know that I’m busy arranging a Hummus Summit to solve this crisis.

And, while –as with the manufacture of hummus itself– I’m not exactly sure what-all goes into nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize, it’s probably not too early to send my name in.

Way I see it: I pull this off, I’m a lock.



… from two weeks croozin’ the Med. Long flight from Venice to NYC, the inevitable hours of delay at JFK. On to Denver, sniffling all the way. Wake up today to Da Peece Prize news. Thought it must be a  Nyquil induced hallucination. Or massive sleep debt, somethin’ like that.

Just when you think the depths of Post-Structualist Neo-Kafka Political Dadaism have been plumbed, the Nobel committee gets into their trusty intellectual bathysphere, puts their finger on the Down button, and pushes… and pushes… and pushes.