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Not Remember Him?

Eric Hoffer? I’ll never forget him. An old hero of mine. Truly.

Thanks NeoEx for reminding us.

Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms. But when Israel is victorious, it must sue for peace. Everyone expects the Jews to be the only real Christians in this world. Other nations, when they are defeated, survive and recover but should Israel be defeated it would be destroyed.

Hoffer wrote that forty-odd years ago. Plus de changement de choses… eh?

That specific paragraph, incidentally, kinda reminds me of something from Christopher Buckley’s book on his parents. Where, at a friend’s memorial service, his father said he’d waited his whole life to meet the perfect Christian and, when he did, the person turned out to be a non-observant Jew. I’m sure there are many, many Moslems –practicing their faith at various levels– of which the same may potentially be said. It’s past time for all of them to step up.

Anyway –back to Eric Hoffer– do yourself a favor; read the whole thing. Then maybe anything else by the guy that you can get your hands on.

Instead of a lot of dumb blogs. Including this one… which, sometime soon — cat-exits-bag alert– is going bye-bye anyway.

Also –concerning the admonition to not jump away from conclusions (a post or two ago) and its corollary: nothing is what it seems unless it actually isthis article makes an important point. A minor point these days, maybe, but still kinda crucial, one category not excluding the other.


Another Stopped Watch

A brief quotation in support of yesterday’s post. From a member of two revered American institutions, the  Harvard faculty and the OJ defense team, there’s this:

If the Palestinians decided to lay down their arms, there would be peace tomorrow. If the Israelis decided to lay down their arms, there would be genocide tomorrow.

Thank you, Alan Dershowitz, for not being a total waste of oxygen.


Just when you despair that the NYT will never-ever be able to extract its head from the damp, darker-than-printer’s ink location that –lo, these many years– its been jammed into, they publish something as sensible as this.

And here is a video of the Kemp testimony at the UN to which the op-ed refers. Must see, as they say, TV.

Won One

Chas Freeman, Obama’s brand new –and, as usual, poorly screened– appointee as chairman of the National Intelligence Council, has resigned. You may not care, but read here and here and here, and you’ll see why Israel does. And Tibet. And me.

News from Whoever

Michael Ledeen is always worth a listen.  Consequently, his support for Leon Panetta as CIA Director made me pause to reconsider my own initial opinion (below: A Tale of Two Job Searches).  I think, however, I’m inclined to go with Ralph Peters (by way of Neoneocon) and retain my doubts.  Not that it makes much difference.  We’ll just have to hope that Ledeen and this guy –whoever he is– are right.

Incidentally, about that “whoever he is” crack: not as harsh as it sounds.  Doesn’t it describe most of us, allowing for the universal pronoun, especially on the internet?  For sure: no one more than me.  But, if we didn’t want to listen to the “whoevers,” why would we even be here?

Meanwhile, Ledeen relays an e-mail from Steven Plaut that, by comparing the situation in Sri Lanka to that in Gaza, is tragically revealing.  Take a look.

Inconsistency at Every Level

To extend the previous post with a small thought experiment (I’m sure I’m not the first to think of this). If the relative situations in the Middle East were reversed, that is: if the Jews controlled 99% of the territory and the Moslems only the remainder, would anything like the current state of affairs exist? For a hundred reasons, it’s simply inconceivable.

There’s a lot of things, large and small, to not understand. For instance: Mark Steyn draws our attention to this. Cats are supposed to be accepted and respected in Islam, even by the Prophet. At one level, the story’s amusing; at another quite sad.

The One Percent Solution

Some stuff is just way too complicated for me.  For instance, I don’t understand the calculus that the Israel Defense Force is supposed to employ before squeezing off a round.  The target under consideration is called a school, but isn’t it really a school/arms cache/morter platform?  And what are the chances it’s also wired with explosives that may go off and multiply the civilian casualties?  And all those civilians, are they civilians all the time?  Or do they put on masks at other times and become –what?– soldiers?  Well, like I said, too much for me.

I’ve decided I’ll just use the system I use for the PGW (Person-made Global Warming) question.   I really can’t keep up the way I should with things like, say, the current thinking on calibrating tropical speleotherms.  However, since person-made CO2 constitutes less than one percent (probably much less) of the entire greenhouse effect, I think I’ll just conclude that it’s probably not the crux of the problem.  Which is likely to be found someplace much bigger… like maybe the sun.

In similar fashion, since the landmass of Israel is less than one percent of the entire Middle East (and Israel has zero percent of the oil), if Israel gets in a shooting match with somebody, it’s probably not something they wanted or started.  And they’re fully entitled to shoot back without being held to a standard so immaculate that, if you can find it in the annals of warfare at all, I bet it appears –you guessed it– less than one percent of the time.