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Eleven Months Ago Today

Sgt. Blogger taught the band to play.

Kinda taught me anyway.

Yeah, eleven months since I started playing with this blog. Close to two hundred posts. Never thought I’d manage that. Not much by the standards of the ‘sphere, but time for me to take a break. Don’t know how long. Long, maybe.


Well, how often in life do you find yourself reading two books with the same title at the same time? Like this one and this one. If you ever do, you gotta figger there’s a reason or two. Truth is: if I had my life to live over, I think I’d have gone to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, someplace like that. Or tried to. You know, if I could ever have gotten admitted, what with my artistically incorrect politics and all. Not to mention poverty of talent.

Whatever talent is.

But we don’t get do-overs and we don’t get more time than we get. Let me know if you hear different. And all education being self-education — I forget who said that, may have been Søren Kierkegaard, may have been Louis L’Amour– it’s time for me to bear down a little.

Anyway, I always liked this guy when he was blogging, and thought he did his fair share in fighting the long defeat. And I couldn’t compose a sign-off better than his. Like he said, you never know about the future… but right now, I’m outta here.

Gone paintin’.