I recently retired from public school teaching, mostly eighth grade English. I am –to the consternation of colleagues, friends, and spouse– conservative in both politics and general disposition. I am also a Buddhist of sorts. However, I’m neither a pacifist nor a vegetarian. I did not set out to be such a white crow; it just turned out that way.

Regarding this blog: it’s not intended to fill a niche.  It’s purpose is to help me with my Internet literacy and to provide a little writing discipline.  Basically, I just write whatever falls out of my brain.  And maybe throw in a link or two.  I’m not foolish enough to believe that many people will share my own inconstant glob of interests (politics, visual arts, Buddhism, public education, etc.).  Everybody has their own inconstant glob. 

But sometimes globs overlap a little.  That’s all this is about.


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