Mums the Word

I refer –I regret to report– to all further developments in the preparation and execution of the Hummus Summit. The best diplomacy taking place behind the scenes, a veil of secrecy has perforce descended over the HummSumm. I can tell you –and I just thought this up– there will be no preconditions… well, beyond the obvious requirement that everyone, excepting those with a medically certified allergic condition, must consume  –even if only in small symbolic quantities– hummus.

The emphasis of the entire cuisine will be, as you might expect, middle eastern. However, in light of developing public health concerns, no kebabs of any kind will be served.

As for the outcome of the HummSumm, I remain –though I cannot reveal all of my reasons– optimistic. Basically I just think anything with Charlize Theron in it will probably turn out okay. (Even that bummer post-apocalyptic eat-or-be-eaten movie that’s coming up this Thanksgiving.)

Well, wish us well. Probably wouldn’t hurt –just for luck– to eat a little hummus yourself.

Might wanna –in the spirit of The Road— hold off on the kebabs.


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