Well, more than quick, that’s what it is.

Hurried perhaps, drawing upon a distinction popularized by John Wooden (for the uninitiated: Capo di tutti capi  in the field of college basketball). “Be quick,” he used to say, “but don’t hurry.”

I’m referring to the “Blame Not Islam” response to the Fort Hood massacre, as manifested here among other places. Seems like a little more soul-searching –by Moslems, their supporters, sympathizers, and the whole bunch of us who are trying very hard to keep our minds open– would be in order.

Though, I suppose, if you haven’t searched your soul by now, it ain’t gonna get searched.

My position remains: let’s think about this without over-thinking it, and let’s try to react without over-reacting. Meanwhile, let me join the general shout-out (to employ a Presidential term) for the latest inductee into the Tough Cookie Hall of Fame. If we hear any talk of diffused responsibility regarding this mess, it won’t be because of Sgt. Kimberly Munley.


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