What If…

… asks VDH,

… Harry Truman every day lamented, “Damn that FDR—he left me with WWII, the bomb decision, a traitorous Stalin, a Europe to be rebuilt, a Korean powder keg, a worldwide communist ascendancy, Greece and Turkey about lost, and colossal debts — and I’ve got to hit the reset button on him every day.”

I mean if Harry had pulled that kind of stuff, he’d sound just like… well, that guy… the One who, as Dennis Miller points out, seems to have the wrong sign on his desk. It sez: The Buck Starts Here.

All that buck passing though, it seems to be taking the weight off. Maybe he should write a diet book. You know, with Oprah… or somebody.

The Audacious Yes-You-Can Diffused Responsibility Diet?

Not very catchy. A day after watching Mad Men, you’d think I could do better than that.

I’ll think on it.


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