Apologies Plus

Yeah, first off, sorry about the outburst on the last post… the profanity and all. A moment of passion, what can I say. I’m obviously –in any staredown with souless science– not capable of a satire to equal Swift or a story on the level of Hawthorne. Mostly I just bitch and/or moan. Regular readers of this blog –all four of you– have already noticed this.

To move ahead, not that it improves the general mood or anything, but Victor Davis Hanson has a good, and very cautionary, essay here. His concluding lines:

… close your eyes, listen to the Messiah’s voice, and repeat: “Debts will be forgiven by creditors; inflation will not follow from massive borrowing; breakthroughs in solar and wind will power our cars and heat our homes; enemies will admire our compassion and join us to achieve world peace; and terrorists are either misunderstood or provoked needlessly by our bellicosity that alone stands in the way of peace.”

Believe all that and you can lay back and enjoy the age of Obama.

Reminds me of an old post and something Thomas Sowell said, as he likewise urged resistance to the drift into a national trance.

The famous editorial cartoonist Herblock could write as well as draw. In one of his books, he said something like: “You too can have the soothing feeling of nature’s own baby-soft wool being pulled gently over your resting eyes.” I think of that every time I see Barack Obama talking.

I guess… I hope… I’d like to think that I just prefer to face reality.

I know for a fact, however, that I’d prefer to face it with a good loyal pooch by my side. So, listen up, you pet-hating zombie spawn of Dr. Satan, PhD. sons-of…

Whoa! Whoa! Chill!

All right, I’m okay now.  I’ve got a grip. Won’t happen again.



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