One Down

One to give.

Speeches that is.

Students having been duly inspired, tonight the Prez will work on the rest of us. I’m confident that, as they were yesterday, the principles of hard work and personal responsibility will  provide the armature of his remarks on healthcare reform. Thus — from the pulpits of the Democratic Party, the International Brotherhood of Community Organizers, and Trinity United Church of Christ– has it ever been.

Am I wrong?

Anyway, the back-to-school St. Crispin’s speech now delivered — but, faith, my coz— academic triumphs impend. While we’re waiting though, I’d modestly suggest dialing the paranoia alert level down a notch and backing off some of  the Orwellian references. Obama can be a vain pain, but he is not Big Brother or Dear Leader. I’ve had occasion lately to do some reading about North Korea and, brothers and sisters, we ain’t there yet. Not, thank goodness, by a long shot.

This guy paid a rare visit to the Hermit Kingdom and came back with some good info. Ever heard of the Mass Games? Me neither.


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