Inspire Away

So, the Prez wants to talk to the kiddos. Inspire the little urchins to aspire, whatever, on the first day of school. As if –hello– most schools haven’t been open for weeks. Somebody thinks we wait for Labor Day anymore? But, heck… No Chief Executive Left Behind, that’s our motto here. Glad he could catch up.

Regarding all that inspirational stay-in-school-do-your-best stuff the President is going to lay out. Well, you go, girl. That’s about all yours truly (former school marm as I be) has to say. Wise others, of course, see otherwise.

Obama, I think, is probably as sincere as he’s capable of being. And there’s little point in dwelling on the What-If-This-Were-George-W-Bush question. That standard isn’t even double anymore; you need to use exponents.

Let The Man talk, I say. Hear tell it’s what he’s good at. Won’t make a diff either way.


One response to “Inspire Away

  1. He can teleprompter speak to adults all he wants…he…no president or politican has the right to hold children captive in an audience. If my school were participating and Thank God it is not then they would be going on a patriotic field trip that day.

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