Lion King

Out of town, so I just caught snippets of the Edward Kennedy funeral. A thought or two.

First, if he was American royalty, I’m an American… what? Commoner? Plebe? If Ted was a lion, I’m a stray tabby. At best.

Whatever, I didn’t much care for the guy. The very definition of a blowhard, ask me. But conservatives certainly need to keep in mind that he was an opponent, not an enemy. It’s easy to go overboard on either side. This (from a guy named David Jeffers), however, is probably true.

After the lionization is over; the casket is removed from the Capitol Rotunda, and the senator is laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery next to his brothers, the Democrats at the prodding of Rahm ‘never waste a crisis’ Emanuel will come out with a revised health care plan in honor of the late and ‘great’ Ted Kennedy. As Thomas Paine once wrote, ‘these are the times that try men’s souls’, our elected Republican representatives in Congress are going to be tested. Will they be able to stand up to the vitriol sure to come if they oppose TeddyCare? Will they be able to overcome the wave of emotion during the Teddy hero-worship that will no doubt come from the Democrats and their public relations firm, the mainstream media?

So, as the cynical Hollywood agent (is there any other kind?) remarked (perhaps apocryphally) on hearing that another king (Elvis) had expired: good career move.

Of course other stuff may get highlighted in all this, for instance the high cost of the real live and literal Teddy Care. Meaning this, what it costs to meet the medical needs of some of our aristocrats.  The Lion of the Senate may in fact have required treatments on the order of $50,000 per. Probably not gonna happen for your average alley cat. Waddya think?


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