In my effort –sometimes, I admit, half-hearted… or third hearted or maybe .17 hearted– to listen to all sides, I often check out this site. Seems like they try to cover the spectrum. It’s not hard, I notice, to get people sorted on the left or right. The center appears more problematic. Hence, people like Michael Barone (who seems generally right-of-center to me) or Andrew Sullivan (who seems generally left-of or completely off-center) get stuck kinda arbitrarily in the middle.

But anyway… it was surfing around on Hot Rants that I eventually (very eventually) ran into this legal case. It interested me basically because I used to have quite a few Hmong students. If you don’t know, the Hmong were the rural tribes people who supported us in Vietnam. Many of them spent time in refugee camps and have since come to the US. By way of reference, the Asian family in the movie Gran Torino was Hmong.

Now, I can’t claim to have read this decision very carefully but, observing the state of Minnesota grapple with a child support case involving an adoption by a Hmong couple while residing in Thailand, you get some appreciation for the legal complexities. It’s a strange mix of political circumstance, Hmong culture, and Thai and Minnesota law. They probably could’ve used Marge Gunderson to get this situation sorted out (and who, incidently, would’ve had a thing or two to say to that Bret Favre fella about makin’ up your darned mind, doncha know). But I guess they managed.


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