Pure Anti-Americanism

I said a few posts ago (Fish Breath) that the idea of conspiracy is almost contiguous with concepts like groupthink and consensus trance. And that it’s quite possible to be duped into being part of a conspiracy without realizing it. This, rather than some melodramatic Manchurian Candidate scenario, was what I was talking about. 

 The author slides in an assertion that I find particularly significant.

The important fact about modern-day anti-Americanism is that it spreads almost exclusively among impressionable cultural elites who are most exposed to ideological clichés delivered through media and educational channels.

And, in addition to more exposure, cultural elites possess a sense of intellectual superiority –and often moral purity– which makes them more, not less, vulnerable to manipulation. The author, Oleg Atbashian (another cool name), also goes on to say:

 It would be absurd to presume that people of the world go to bed every night loving dictators and hating the United States. Obviously, the first conscious thing on the mind of a European, an African, or an Asian as they wake up in the morning is not how to survive another day of “America’s economic and cultural imperialism.” And since anti-Americanism is incompatible with common sense that guides our daily lives, people must be reminded of it every day to keep it alive. That is the burden that radical intellectuals have taken upon themselves, dispensing daily quotas of leftist clichés to the “unwashed masses” down below.

The lesson here is obvious. Become an unwashed mass.

Wash less. Eat more.

Just kidding… but the whole thing does kinda remind me of those folks who were never exposed to enough common everyday germs to develop any immunity. They can end up dying of the stupidest stuff.


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