Le Cover-Up…

… but, of course, it continues.

Details concerning the teacup attack on the Mona Lisa (see previous post) have been —en dépit du réchauffement global– glacially slow in revealing themselves. The whole story was suppressed by the Louvre for two weeks and, even as I write, significant questions have yet to be definitively answered. For instance:

What was the teacup made of? Terracotta, that’s what we’re now hearing. But how long before that changes?

What was in the teacup? Initial accounts that it was a variety of Earl Grey have been dismissed as Anglophobic propaganda. Now there are indications that the cup was completely empty.

Who was this mysterious woman without a name? Is there substantiation of her Russian citizenship? For instance, a birth certificate?

What was her motivation?

Regarding this last question, the official story –as you can read here— has changed somewhat. The first concoction, that she was deranged by her failed quest for French citizenship, was met with bemused incredulity from almost every quarter. The more straightforward explanation that she was a simpleminded art-hater likewise failed to gain traction. Now, there’s this:

Le Parisien, which first ran the story, reported that far from not appreciating art, the woman may have been suffering from Stendhal syndrome, a condition in which the overexposure to art, especially beautiful art, causes dizziness, confusion and even hallucinations. The phenomenon was named after the author of The Red and The Black who experienced it when visiting Florence, in Italy.

To which a French government source, on condition of anonymity, replied:

Syndrome de Stendahl, quelle merde ! Maintenant j’ai entendu tout. Qui est cette personne qui proposerait quelque chose tellement incroyablement stupide ? Un Américain peut-être ? Nancy Pelosi ou quelqu’un également aliéné ?
And finally, can anyone explain how –with upwards of five hundred cameras pointed on any given moment of the day at the most famous painting in the world– there is no video of this incident available to the public. Where has it all gone?
Où est-il ?

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