Since I know a bunch of folks who were fans of (and almost addicted to) The Wire, I thought I’d throw this link in. Not that many of them are necessarily fans of (and certainly not addicted to) this blog.

Now, I’ve watched around in some of the DVD version of The Wire, various seasons of it. I really know little about police work or drug dealing; I can’t be the judge of any authenticity in those areas. Teaching school though, I know a little about that. Maybe not in the Baltimore ghetto but close enough for blogulating on. So, when I finally got to the episodes where the cop-turned-teacher finally begins working some Hollywood magic with all those little rascals in his math class, my thinking was right along these lines. It’s a:

… faded, 40-year old product that the “innovative” and “cutting-edge” Wire is still peddling. Scratch beneath the surface of any ghetto kid, allow for the tough exterior and colorful street idiom, and underneath you’ll find a potential chess champion, or insightful social critic, or Great Books lover.

This article (long as it is by internet standards) describes, by way of contrast, the frustrations experienced by one well-intentioned and well-funded real-life exercise in educational remediation. You, I, or President Obama (whose favorite series is said to be The Wire) are free, it goes without saying, to enjoy any show we want to. But if you’re in the business of creating policy for American education, it’s time to go Wireless.


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