Check Out This Czech

Name of Lubos Motl.

Blog is The Reference Frame. Fascinating take on all kinds of stuff (e.g., you probably weren’t aware that the Czech Republic is mightily pissed at Canada and is withdrawing their ambassador). Also, and endearingly, he seems to have been absent the day they covered pulling your punches.

He wrote this, on a subject of recent interest here, a while back: 

So the reality of groupthink in the Academia is that
there are many disciplines where it plays a role. The closer a discipline is to the media and to the activists, those who care about the “character” of the results and the social “applications” but who don’t care whether the results were derived properly and honestly, the more un-scientific mechanisms influence the discourse about this topic, even within the scientific community.

So you may be pretty sure that the “big questions” with implications for policymaking – e.g. “is it beneficial to regulate CO2?” or “are all statistically observed cognitive differences between groups caused by discrimination?” – are answered by the herd mentality (“Yes”, “Yes”), not by serious scholarship that is only allowed for (politically) “smaller” questions. And all such questions end up on the left side because virtually everyone in the current Academia is “progressive” (and the conservative exceptions are mostly sissies).


Well, that was a year ago. Can’t tell for sure yet, but maybe some of the brothers (and sisters) are starting to find their balls (and… you know).

Motl’s full entry here.




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