We Are As Gods…

… and we need to get good at it. So says Stewart (Whole Earth Catalog) Brand in this video. Agree, disagree… but definitely watch it. If only to see what happens after the train goes through.


2 responses to “We Are As Gods…

  1. I heard Stuart Brand speak twice, at two different conferences about 10 years apart. His message has always been the same (and the train metaphor was used in his last speech that I attended about 4-5 years ago). Brand is an intelligent and astute visionary and has a strong message in which he believes. We need foresight and data to help us make wise decisions. To me, any vision or plan that does not look down the road for 25-50 years can bring misery to future generations.

  2. I retract part of the previous comment, because I realize that the “train” part of his presentation is not the same as what I had thought. This one is a video of a train in India (Mumbai). Pretty amazing, too. As is Stewart Brand.

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