Speed Reading and Writing

This is positively stuffed with important info.

I, myself, am  guilty as heck of signing stuff I haven’t read. All those waivers at the doctor’s office, etc. Be nice to think that our national leaders, such as they are, were doing a little better.

Meanwhile, Jack Cashill continues his quixotic investigation of Obama’s literary super powers. Latest installment here. Jonah Goldberg, who I read and admire, labels Cashill’s case “a bridge too far.” Given what we know about memoirs these days and the sorry state of publishing ethics, I’m not sure I fully understand his discomfort. 

Anyway, Cashill keeps comin’, keeps bringin’ it. An eyewit, in this political climate, will be hard to come by. But never say never. That’s what I say. Some fool plumber may have seen something.


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