The Suit

… the $1,500.00 a pop, 97% worsted, 3% cashmere number I’ve mentioned semi-obsessively … starting to look a little empty, isn’t it?

Peter Wehner at Commentary, flying pretty high, labels him a sophist. Here’s a taste:

Obama – despite his pretensions to the contrary – is a completely orthodox, doctrinaire liberal. His policies are strikingly uncreative and, if I might borrow from the Obama lexicon, tired, old, dogmatic, ideological, and discredited. Is a top-down, government-controlled, tax-and-spend approach to economics fresh, new, and interesting? As President, Obama has shown no intellectual boldness when it comes to his policies. Most of his reforms are hollow and non-existent. He has, in fact, acceded to the committee chairmen on Capitol Hill time and again. More than any president in modern times, he is deferring to barons on the Hill to steer the ship of state. Whatever that qualifies as, it is not a break with worn-out ideas and the politics of the past.

Or, a guy named Frank Fleming at PJ Media puts it in terms simple enough for us boobs on the Internet:

… think of the reviews he’d have if he were a product. Yes, a few people would think he looked neat and preorder, but soon he’d have a bunch of one-star reviews saying, “Doesn’t actually do anything. Don’t waste trillions of dollars on it.”


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