You Can Take this Job…

… which has made me and my family the target of lawsuits and ridicule and a lot of amateur psychoanalysis that could suitably be self-directed… and which by the standards of modern political careerism doesn’t pay all that well… you can take it and you can shove it.

Now, Sarah Palin didn’t exactly say that. I , for a probable minority of one, wish she would’ve. Instead, she rambled around the way ordinary folks tend to. You know, those of us who don’t use speechwriters and teleprompters and ghostwriters and calibrated obfuscation for every freakin’ phone call.

Sure, I wish she was a bit more articulate. But this guy, he seems to be reasonably articulate. I guess that’s what St. Alban’s Prep and Yale will do for ya. But, I ask you, is this stuff he’s spouting anywhere near the truth?

Used to be, back in the day, people would pose this highly sophisticated political question: Would you buy a used car from this man?

So, adjusted for gender neutrality, of course: you need a good used car, who ya gonna call?

a) “Honest” Hillary Clinton
b)  “Bumpin” Barack Obama
c)  “Grinnin” Mitt Romney
d) “Fancy” Nancy Pelosi
e) “Dealin” Dave Letterman
f)  “Ramblin” Sarah Palin
g)  Al “Your Pal” Gore

Think about it.


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