Warm Up

Maybe a couple of warm up pitches. See how the old virtual shoulder feels.

Speaking of warming up, ya gotta read this. Will somebody, maybe that great deliberative body called the US Senate, just say no to this anthropomorphoprocatylgenic –or whatever it is– nonsense?

And speaking of the DSM — which a magazine called Vanity Fair (yeah, really) apprises us is something done with astonishing frequency in Alaska– if Sarah Palin can be clinically labeled a narcissist, what in-the-name-of-all-that-is-psychologically-holy does that make Mr. Obama? But none of this is new. You can go back to the campaign and find idiocy like this. Nice list of symptoms that Palin displays. And, lo and behold, the man strutting around in the $1500.00 suits doesn’t have any of them.

A question: that word in the second paragraph — anthropomorphoprocatylgenic— I thought I was making a funny, but spell-check didn’t light it up. Can it really exist?

Enuff for now.


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