An Inconvenient PSA

We don’t usually do Public Service Announcements here at Slow Stagger. Given the microscopic portion of the public that we reach, it seems like a waste of electricity. However, in as much as  Mrs. Stagger just bought a half dozen of those squiggley wiggley compact fluorescent bulbs and we’ve now got a few electrons to spare, I thought you ought to know about this.

Most importantly, here’s what you need to do if you break one of those squiggley wiggley electricity-saving bulbs. Which contain mercury. Which is kinda dangerous.

If you break a bulb, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends precautions to avoid mercury exposure: Clear people and pets from the room and open a window for at least 15 minutes if possible. Avoid vacuuming. Scoop up larger pieces with stiff paper or cardboard, pick up smaller residue with sticky tape, and wipe the area with a damp cloth. Put everything into a sealed plastic bag or sealed glass jar. In most cases, this can be put in the trash, but the E.P.A. recommends checking local rules.

Now, this will be tough, but don’t go recycling that plastic bag or glass jar.

End of PSA.

You’re welcome.


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