Sunday, Muddy Sunday

Snow melting fast here in the mile high ciudad. Gonna be muddy walking the dog. Good thing Mrs. Stagger usually takes the first shift on the weekends.

I, meanwhile, stay in and watch the Sunday morning shows. You know: Meet the Press, Fox News Sunday, Face the Nation. Not Stephanopoulos; he’s on too early, besides I don’t really care for the guy. The willing Clinton stooge, suddenly become objective reporter; strains the bounds of belief, big time. Give the top spot back to Donaldson, his overwrought eyebrows, his rug.

I kinda surf around, see who’s on, what’s interesting. Sometimes I only watch the panels; hoping Bill will round on Juan, David Broder will pitch off his chair, the ghost of Russert will put in a Shakespearean appearance.

First class line up today. Gates, Geithner, McCain and, naturally, Obama on with Schieffer. Gates came across as the most competent, I thought, but all seemed men-of-good-will types. Wrestling with big problems, trying to find solutions. Come, let us reason together.

Of course, even if sincere, it’s much easier to summon up all that good will and reasonableness after –somehow, some way– you’ve got all four houses paid for, the kid’s private educations taken care of, and a few million salted very safely away, maybe off shore. Then, you can spare a little time to clean up the karma, go into government service, help the little peeps.

Which is only to say: they’re human, all too human. What else could they be?

Then worked a little on the taxes. Using TurboTax. Yeah, the Tim Geithner premier autograph edition. So far, so far.


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