The Cost of Cool

Everybody who voted for Obama because he was the the coolest kid in school –you know, the guy in the two-button $1500.00 suit, always on his Blackberry, shoots a pretty fair game of pick-up hoops–  did they realize it was going to be as expensive as this ?

And cool? What the heck is it anyway? I mean besides something that I –and maybe a few of you– never had and never will. This guy wondered the same thing. Among his other conclusions:

I accept the reality that in 8th grade we like the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Do we do the same as voters? I’m continually struck by the incongruence between the values of Obama’s voters, and his own values. How many would claim to support such reckless spending on credit, to the tune of trillions of dollars? How many would encourage him to increase the taxes of their employers and to discourage private charity? How many appreciate the copious examples of double-speak?

Goes back to the 8th grade, huh? Having taught those kids for a long time, I assure you that we –as a nation, as a civilization, as a solar system– may be entering truly scary territory.


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