What I Said

If you’ve read anything I’ve written about public education, you know I pretty much agree with this guy.

Why do we refuse to hold students responsible if they fail tests? Why has no one stood up and said, “Test scores will improve when students become diligent, pay attention to teachers, and put as much effort into learning as they put into sports and socializing?”  What politician will propose requiring tough high-school exit tests with no second chances as the first step to push today’s lazy student off their butts?”

Note well, this personal responsibility message hardly excludes anything on today’s menu. You can order it and also ask for a side order of vouchers or multi-culturalism, so its embrace need not anger, let alone economically hurt, any of today’s educators. One might even guess that expressing these Apple Pie and Motherhood thoughts would bring cheers from teachers tired of being bashed for not working miracles. Similar applause would come from all those employers exasperated by their hires who think that work is just like a boring class in American history where merely showing up earned a “B.”


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