Ward of the State

The state is Colorado, wherein I humbly (too humbly for Mrs. Stagger’s taste) reside.

The Ward is Ward Churchill. Professor, Doctor, Indian Chief. And Colorado’s own contribution to the highly refined art of postmodern obfuscation. And just generally lying your ass off.

Speaking of off, looks like that’s what he might get. Or get his job back or a wad of money from the University of Colorado or whatever it is he’s suing for. At least if we can believe this source.

The honorable counsel for CU doesn’t seem to be the brightest crayon in the box. Incompetent buffoon, was that the term I heard? From watching TV, we go around thinkin’ lawyers and judges are all brilliant. Then, lo and behold, we watch a little of the OJ trial or CSPAN or something and… poof!

Not that I’ve been following all the details. Basically I just figure Churchill’s phony through and through. In a strange way, by claiming to be a Native American because he  seems to feel like one, he’s gone back and retroactively made himself a fraud since the moment he was born. Check out his genealogy. Most of us, owing to the sheer random circulation of matter in the universe, probably contain as many Native American molecules in our body as Churchill does.

Seems like, if you’re gonna be awarded a job because of your Indian ancestry, it ought to say that someplace obvious. Like maybe your birth certificate.

Oh, well. Certificate, shmertificate.

As they say in the Presidential politics biz.


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