Growing Trend

George Will weighs in here on public education. Smart guy; once taught a little college if I remember right. Just an opinion, but I don’t think he’d last a week teaching in the average middle school. But that’s not what I want to talk about right now. In the course of the column, he says this:

One scholar estimated that about 90 percent of the differences among schools in average proficiency can be explained by five factors—number of days absent from school, amount of television watched in the home, number of pages read for homework, quantity and quality of reading matter in the home and, much the most important, the presence of two parents in the home.

Not hard science, admittedly. But the last point, the one regarding the importance of two parents, it makes you think. Especially when you read something like this about the latest birth rate statistics:

The birth rate rose slightly for women of all ages, and births to unwed mothers reached an all-time high of about 40 percent, continuing a trend begun years ago. More than three-quarters of these women were 20 or older.

For a variety of reasons, it’s become more acceptable for women to have babies without a husband, said Duke University’s S. Philip Morgan, a leading fertility researcher.

Even happy couples may be living together without getting married, experts say. Some cited a growing trend among all adult women to have children regardless of their marital status.

Growing trend. Interesting phrase.

And even happy couples, huh? Happy for how long?


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