Two Trillion Reasons…

… to “agree to disagree.”

Remember Tibet? Remember today’s anniversary? (See: Happy Anniversary, Tibet below).

Remember what a trillion looked like? (See: Calling Carl Sagan below).

Here’s how they relate:

 Using its two trillion US dollars of foreign exchange reserves, China has become the biggest creditor to the U.S. Amid the deepening economic crisis, Beijing’s huge holdings of U.S. treasuries mean that the two countries’ interdependence is superseding human rights concerns for the U.S. administration.

Leaves Obama and his Secretary of State in a bit of a bind, doesn’t it?

During her Beijing visit Clinton urged China to continue buying U.S. debt, arguing it would jumpstart the U.S. economy and help revive flagging demand for Chinese exports. She also suggested that on human rights issues it “might be better for the U.S. and China to agree to disagree.”

Full story here.

And, if you’re looking for a solution, I don’t have one. This is one of those very hard choices that just proves we ain’t livin’ on Planet Nice.


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