More Cowards or Jerks or Liars

Jay Cutler is the quarterback on our NFL team here in Denver. He’s a big boy. He makes a ton of money. He has a big-time sports agent.  He has buddies that weigh 378 lbs. He doesn’t need me to defend him.

Well, maybe he does a little.

People are writing stuff like this

Will someone please give Jay Cutler his pacifier, hand him his favorite blankie and put him back in his crib for his afternoon nap? Because if he cries anymore about a trade that didn’t happen, we’ll have to check his Pampers.

All of this because the Jay-man confessed to being a little bummed that the Broncos considered trading him.  I think maybe, in their understandable pique, people are overlooking at least some part of his side of the story.

Let me tell you somebody else’s story first.

A friend of Mrs. Stagger, it happened to her. For thirty years she’d worked as a librarian for a big –really big– company here in our fair city. One day a few weeks ago she shows up for a meeting. She is peremptorily informed that her position has been eliminated, and she is escorted out of the building by a guard. Through the loading dock. Not even permitted to return to her desk to retrieve her purse or car keys.

Thing is, general condition of the economy aside, she never had a clue this was coming. Any supervisors or colleagues who did know, they never dropped a clue. Just kept smiling and saying good morning right up to The End.

Now, she got her purse back and a severance to put in it. But it’s not only about the money, is it? Are the dangers that a loyal thirty-year employee is going to crash the servers or bend-up all the paperclips or sell your version of the nuclear codes to the competition…are they really that high? Or are we just talking about cowards or jerks or liars? That have to fake people out, fire them without notice, then march them down through the freakin’ loading dock like convicts.

There’s gotta be a better way.

Anyway, back to Jay Cutler. Multi-millionaire though he may be, I think that’s part of what he felt. He’s goin’ out to the team complex, talking to all the coaches about stuff, and everybody’s acting all nice-to-see-ya. But meanwhile they’re considering getting rid of him. The trade, of course, never came off, but the attendant subterfuge is bound to impact the whole trust issue.

They were probably gonna let him get his purse out of his locker and everything.

But still.


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