My Frito-Lay Footprint

It’s like waaay too big. 

Is it just me, or do you have these Jason Bourne moments where you suddenly wake up floating in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean or maybe in your kitchen or someplace, gripping an empty Nacho Cheese Dorito bag and having no idea what nefarious government agency (The Department of Agriculture?) has been programming you to ingest 13 ounces of compressed corn meal, vegetable oil, and salt, all at one time? 

Well, thanks to an old interview with Paul Chek, I think we may have an answer or two.

 There are 51 nutrients that have to be in any food in order to satisfy the appestat, the part of your brain that basically tells you to stop eating. So, what they do with processed foods is they selectively remove nutrients and also add other nutrients.

For example, salt stimulates hydrochloric acid in your stomach. If you eat salty potato chips it encourages the release of hydrochloric acid. If you have a bunch of hydrochloric acid and a handful of potato chips in there, it makes you hungry as hell because if you don’t eat something to neutralize the acid it can damage your own stomach and give you an ulcer.

So the stomach sends a message to the brain: “Go find something to eat!” But that’s usually interpreted as “Keep eating more chips.” So you eat the whole bag of chips or box of cookies trying to neutralize the acid.

At the same time, they use stimulants like sodium chloride to trigger the digestive process along with artificial scents to make you hungry. Then they extract key fats and key nutrients so that your appestat says, “Wait a minute, you’ve eaten all these chips but there’s no nutrition in there.”

Appestat.  Remember that word.

It will be on the test.


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