I’ve actually got a couple of other writing gigs starting.  One you can check out here.  For this little junior journalist effort, I get paid somethin’ like a penny a hit.  So, you should check in… oh, just grabbin’ a nice round number outta thin air… twenty or thirty times a day.  You know, for all the fast breaking news on the Denver art gallery scene.

Also, I’m going camping — OK, it’s WordCamp, but that counts, right?– this Saturday.  I’ll try to talk about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, while I’m doing that, you should visit a couple of friends, both of whom just started blogging.  One is Mark Nelson.  Mark is a terrific oil painter (I mean really good), a patient teacher (he put up with me, didn’t he?), and an all-around nice guy.  Regarding the art scene, he does have an industrial-strength opinion or two.  I was kinda surprised.  But in a good way.  Check out his blog.

And an old friend and colleague has a new blog here at Livin’ the Dream.  Ms. Livin is the sensitive sort.  Don’t give her a hard time.  Even if… well, you’ll see.


One response to “Anyway

  1. I’d like to hear about what you learn at WordCamp. Especially now that I’ll need to start getting more serious with my writing because of the press from my celebrity Examiner friend. No more “crappy” entries. Tee hee hee.

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