Tactical Retreat

Comin’ up on two months, my career in blogulating.  Astonishingly, WordPress tells me I’ve made 68 posts.  A few goods ones, I hope.  More than a few stinkers, I’m sure.  Much still to learn.

I should mention that Mrs. Stagger was disapproving of the shot I took at Bill Clinton a few days ago.  Not an exercise in subtlety, I’ll admit.  Though, by the rough-and-tumble standards of the Internet, rather tame.  And I stand by, in all its crudity, the accusation.  The missus, however, thinks I should display, you know, better breeding.  The dog and cat –from a shelter, the both of ’em–  think the same.  Waddya gonna do?

Well, one thing I’m going to do is go on a little retreat.  My meditation practice has gotten pretty slack; it’s badly in need of a kick in the old kimono.   It’s just for three days and is, in the parlance, non-residential.  Meaning you come home every night to sleep in your own bed.  Nice for us AARPsters.

I may blog; may not.  Probably do me good to just shut up for three days.

Give ya a report when I get back.  Keep an eye on things.


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