Don’t Be Afraid…

… because fear is the last thing we need.  Courage, as well as some experience and common sense, is required to see the world as it is, not as we wish it to be.  A short excerpt from Phyllis Chesler’s latest post on the yet unchecked barbarism we face:

…what word other than “barbaric” describes the systematic incitement to violence that takes place in mosques and on television and which has led to mob rampages and episodes of “wilding” against Muslim girls and women who are group-groped, gang raped, kidnapped into sexual slavery, set on fire, buried alive, blinded by acid for daring to go to school, work as a newscaster, a hairdresser, or for a foreign company, refuse to wear a shroud, or choose to marry someone of their own choice. Few Muslim clerics and even fewer fabled Muslim “moderates” have loudly and perilously condemned such behavior towards their sisters–or towards Christians, Jews, and other infidels who routinely fall prey to such mobs.

And the worrying question, implicit in every sentence that Chesler writes, is this: will Barack Obama be able to summon the courage, experience, and common sense which are required today?  Today and every day for the balance of his Presidency.  There are reasons enough to doubt it. 

But there also may be reason for hope. 

Hope.  Where have we heard that before?

Post on this soon.  I hope.


3 responses to “Don’t Be Afraid…

  1. Chesler may be a well valued feminist and I applaud her for that, the problem is that she is also infested with anti-Islam hate that spoils it all.

    I find her morally reprehensible not for the bigotry and radicalism she shows but that someone who has taken up a noble profession as a mental-health carer uses and usurps it to support her ugly agenda. A certain Bosnian Serb leader did exactly the same, let us hope that Chesler never gets her foot into politics let alone advances in it…..

    • This blog is basically muerto, but it still gets the odd hit. As for this comment –and regarding anyone’s being “infested with hate” and harboring “ugly agendas” and getting their “foot into politics”– there have been something like 15,000 terrorist attacks instigated by Islamist sources since 2001. I’d say that there you have the infestation and the agenda and the feet that need worrying about.

  2. Thanks for the heads’ up about the activity of this blog.

    Your absolutely right, the dangers from radical and militant islamists needs to be worried about and more importantly dealt with.

    That does not justify bigotry and professional hatred on the part of Chesler – which is my point – should not we better than the radical islamists? Chesler, a professional care-giver obviously does not think so.


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