Net Gains and Losses

This is a fair criticism of the Internet and its effects.  On balance I think the Internet is a good thing.  But by any standard of Buddhist “Right Speech” (basically: it must be true and it must be helpful), there’s a lot on here to bemoan.  A lot.

Quite a few corporate bad boys in this economic mess. FBI on the job.

The federal gummint needs a little looking into too, methinks.  If you want to try a little general investigating on your own, here is an interesting place to start.

Hundreds of kids –hundreds– abused in the Chicago public schools.  At least that’s the allegation.  All of this while the newly appointed Secretary of Education was superintendent.  And Drudge is the only guy giving this story legs?  I don’t get it.

This is a relief.  If there’s anything we don’t want the sands of time to erode, it’s the writings of L. Ron Hubbard.

Lastly, the great Mark Steyn:

“I got a little muddled over two adjoining newspaper clippings — one on the stimulus, the other on those octuplets in California — and for a brief moment the two stories converged. Everyone’s hammering that mom — she’s divorced, unemployed, living in a small house with parents who have a million bucks’ worth of debt, and she’s already got six kids. So she has in vitro fertilization to have eight more. But isn’t that exactly what the Feds have done? Last fall, they gave birth to $850 billion of bailout they couldn’t afford and didn’t have enough time to keep an eye on, and now, four months later, they’re going to do it all over again, but this time they want trillionuplets. Barney and Nancy represent the in vitro fertilization of the federal budget. And it’s the taxpayers who’ll get stuck with the diapers.”


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