Through a Glass Snarkly

Is it wrong to take an instant dislike to someone because of their glasses?  Or, for the very same irrational reason, to dislike them more than you already disliked them.  Take David Libeskind.  Please. 

Or Tom Daschle.  This gal thinks the weird glasses might actually have contributed to his fall from grace.  I can  believe it.  This man either picked these glasses out himself, or he didn’t.  Either way, you gotta wonder.  Yesterday’s news anyway.  Back to David Libeskind, celebrity architect.

Prompted by Mrs. Stagger, and the two-day warning for the  Ernest Blumenschein exhibit, I finally went down to the new wing of the Denver Art Museum.  Here in Denver, we’re so insecure that we like to bring in big names from out-of-town to design our public buildings and install our public art.  That’s why, not to put too fine a point on it, a lot of it really sucks.

Libeskind’s design for our museum employs his usual “sharp angles, broken lines, and empty spaces to convey a simultaneous sense of loss and continuity.”  That’s one way of putting it (see link above).   My own take: what we’ve got here is a building that looks like it was designed by some adolescent space alien from a galaxy where they’ve invented faster-than-light text messaging but not the T-square.  Outside, there’s already scaffolding up.  I wonder if the thing will even hold together.  One of those “once-in-a-lifetime” blizzards that we have every five years and kablooey.  Maybe, maybe not.  But inside, we’re still stuck with a lot of wasted space tucked into a lot of nameless –and ultimately unsatisfying– shapes. 

The Blumenschein exhibit was not badly hung.  As for the work itself, there was more there than this Sunday painter could take in.  Classical training, ambitious composition, subtle modern influence, a lot of hard work.  Well worth seeing.  If you go, wear your glasses.  If you need new ones, go to Sarah Palin’s guy.  Don’t go to Libeskind’s guy.  Or Daschle’s.


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