Angry Villagers

I guess Mr. and Mrs. Stagger were not the only ones to discern  irregularities in the TicketMaster purchasing process.  The story has gone national.  My own bet: something will be done about this.  It’s one thing for a bunch of grunting hedge fund hogs and slimy slithering  legislators to crash the entire global economy.  It’s quite another for monolithic electronic bloodsuckers to screw with fair access to Bruce.  Or Hannah Montana.  Or The Game.  Or The Whoever.

Just thinkin’ out loud here, but take a gander at all the crap in this stimulus bill.  How about a few mill to investigate the hell out of TicketMaster?  Hmm, let’s see: IRS, ATF, CSI, Senate subcommittee, Special Prosecutor … uh huh, I like the sound of that last one.  “Finally, a Special Prosecutor you can believe in.”


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