Journey of O: Beginning Begun

One of the most memorable lines from the convention speeches was given to Sarah Palin.  “The American Presidency,” she said, “is not a journey of personal discovery.”  A lot, I remember thinking at the time, was packed brilliantly into those few words. 

So, how’s the trip going so far?  I know, I know.  We just got out of the garage.  Question is: did we back over the mailbox?

Victor Davis Hanson says: oh, yeah.  And probably the neighbor kid’s new bike too.
Michael Ledeen says: just clipped it.  But start watchin’ where you’re goin’, wudja?
This guy says: these things happen. It’s a steep driveway.
And this guy says: didn’t anybody notice that humongous oil puddle? The engine’s already smokin’.  We’re not gonna make it anyway.

Me, I don’t know.  Every summer car trip, my dad would announce: “We’re leaving at five.”  In the morning, to avoid traffic, to get down the road before it got hot.  You know the drill.  I don’t know about you, but we’d usually pull out about seven.  So I’m used to slow starts. 

Of course, we never hit the mailbox.


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