The New Boss

Me, I just hope he’s the same as the old Boss.  The one who always did a great show, always from the heart.  We got tickets for Springsteen’s Denver concert, as chronicled a couple of posts ago.

Now, Springsteen’s politics aren’t mine, and I expect it’s gonna be impossible for the guy to avoid any statement whatsoever.  But the last time I heard him, his political remarks were fairly modest and prefaced by saying that “all kinds of people come to our concerts.”  I interpreted it as an attempt at courtesy and his recognition of a usually neglected form of minority rights.  I hope, on the eve of such electoral triumph, he’s able to maintain a similar civility. 

This article is a long, but interesting plea for the “shut up and sing (or play or conduct or act or paint or do whatever the hell you’re getting paid to do which is almost certainly something other than sharing your feelings –I won’t dignify them by calling them thoughts— on American foreign policy)” approach to a division of cultural labor.

A couple of side comments/questions.  We’re not big concert goers, so the whole ticket acquisition process is pretty mysterious to me.  For instance, I thought there were scalping laws.  Yet, there were Internet sites with above-face-value tickets for sale both long before official sales opened and immediately after the concert was sold out.   In fact Mrs. Stagger was, well, staggered to find tickets in our section listed at three times what we paid for them on TicketMaster’s own sister site, Tickets Now.  So, after it sells the show out, TicketMaster effectively scalps its own tickets?  Or is it more complicated (or simpler) than that?

Finally.  As should be obvious, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not really the name of the game here at Slow Stagger.  Or AEO (Anything Else Optimization) for that matter.  I try to keep my tags pretty straightforward.  I’m sorry if the mere conjunction of the words “Springsteen” and “tickets” in the body of this post got you here under false pretenses.  Good luck on what yer lookin’ for.


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