When Seconds Count…

… I tend to blow it.  About a third of the time I don’t even get logged on to my own blog on the first try.  So you can imagine how I do under pressure.  Like this morning.  On TicketMaster.  Trying to buy Springsteen tickets.  The day after he was on the Super Bowl. 

I mean I got a couple and everything.  Which is a relief, Mrs. Stagger being from New Jersey and a major Boss fan and never hardly missing a tour and all.  But, if you ask me, for “Best Available” they’re pretty high up.  We’re already in Denver so, at my age (Broooose, where is your senior discount?)  the sherpas may have to carry me the last few sections.

Can’t say for sure, of course, but we might’ve done better if I’d succeeded at my first try in reading those magic words.  There’s two of them now.  I don’t what they’re called, but you know what I’m talking about.  They’re all squiggley and you have to type them in to substantiate the fact that you’re a human being and not some cyborg sent back in time to kill John Connor at the Pepsi Center and insure the rise of the machines and the world’s complete domination by SkyNet.  Well, anyway, I blew one of the words.  One of the letters was way too wormy and, to add to its degree of difficulty, it had some kind of line through it.   I thought it might be an “e” and, since that’s the most common vowel, that’s what I went with.  Nope.  Something else; I’ll never know.  I collected myself and nailed the next two words but, obviously, precious time had been lost. 

Well, we are where we are.  More thoughts on Springsteen later.


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