Daschle Redux

I don’t have a clue who Jennifer Rubin is, but she blogs at Contentions and she nailed this.  I’m probably quoting an unfair amount, but I can’t resist.

Daschle took gobs of money from health care interests, had a six figure tax liability (which is approximately three times the average annual American household earnings) and didn’t tell the administration about it until nearly a month after being named as HHS nominee. And Senators have to think hard about this?

This tells us more, of course, about the Senate and President Obama than it does about Daschle. (The latter, as many knew for years, was the consummate Washington insider who used his position to fatten his wife’s lobbyist portfolio.) The Senate is tragically cut off from the real world and often immune to the lives and opinions of ordinary people. It simply doesn’t recognize what is outrageous.

IMHO she actually misses the worst part about the guy: his smarmy, sanctimonious attitude.

Victor Davis Hanson, however, is able to identify, within the new governing process, a noble motive:  “The well-off can be made to stop evading their taxes by nominating them for cabinet posts.”


One response to “Daschle Redux

  1. OK, so just now Daschle withdrew from the nomination. And then Nancy Killer withdrew also. The problem isn’t just these two or three Democrat nominees. It’s obviously much bigger – if you’re a senator or congressman, or a person in public office with lots of money, you don’t pay all your taxes the way the little people do. Little people get audited. People in public office get audited when they are nominated for a bigger post. I think the government should audit ALL public figures as a matter of policy, and then we’d see the true transparent picture. (Sorry for the mixed metaphor).

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