The Secret

Okay, so we now know that the saintly Tom Daschle has a little trouble grasping the ins and outs of that pesky tax code too. Kinda makes him one of the brothers, you might start thinkin’.

Read, in the best Paul Harvey tradition, the rest of the story.

Because Daschle is another one of those guys who only makes the rest of us look bad.  And more badder. You know, those of us who are having trouble making our first million or two. Maybe even having trouble taking the wife and kids out to dinner as much as they’d like. Down to Disney World, wherever. Because –just look at ’em– it’s not that hard to do.

The same article (linked above) reveals that Daschle made $5 million in two years, givin’ speeches and stuff.  And look at little ol’ Rahm Emanuel, now the Big O’s chief of staff.  He made $18 million in his two and a half years in the investment banking biz.  What is that per annum?  Uhhhh… well, I’ll leave the math to you.  Then there’s our own young, vibrant, freshly appointed US Senator, right here in Colorado.  Michael Bennet,  in a few short years with Phil Anschutz — consolidating this, restructuring that– he made milllions.  

What are these guys doing –you’re asking, the wife is asking– that you’re not?  Working harder?  Working smarter?  Plugging into the power of life affirming visualizations?  Going to law school?  Reading a lost scroll or two?

Still stumped?  Tell ya what I’m gonna do.

Act now and for just five easy payments of $49.95, you will receive with my iron-clad, no-bull money back guarantee…


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