Just a Heads-Up

Buddhism, like all of the world’s great traditions, is oceanic.  It contains practices which appeal, of necessity, to human beings of every intellectual, emotional, and physical type.  Meditation is one of those practices and, though it’s actually done by a minority of Buddhists, it itself exists in a wide variety of forms.  Non-Buddhists too are often led to explore some of these forms.  As a rule (to which, I’m confident, there are exceptions)  Buddhists do not proselytise.  But teaching of the dharma, in any one of its myriad forms, is frequently offered publicly, and for little or no money.   Here is a good opportunity for anyone (to include the rawest beginner or even the mildly curious) in the Denver area.  Just a heads-up if you’re in the ‘hood or are willing to travel a little.  Can’t make it?  Take a look here; there’s not a better deal around.  For whatever it may be worth, if you’re looking for meditation instruction which is both accessible and profound, I recommend this teacher without reservation.


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