Karma Cafe

It has not been my karma to be born Jewish.  (This time anyway.) 

Frankly, it has not been my karma to even begin to understand karma.  It’s just a word I use in –very probably–  a too casual fashion to encompass an incomprehensible cascade of events which have led to an outcome which has assumed, in equally incomprehensible fashion, some temporary prominence in my mind.  And I just can’t bring myself to label the entire chain of causation as random and meaningless.  I  feel, however vaguely and intuitively, that in a universe that contains things which are Good, True, and Beautiful, there is Meaning.  Meaning?  What does that mean?  You may well ask.  Ask later, okay?

It has definitely, however, been my karma to really like coffee.  I learned to drink it in college, and I learned to drink it black.  A friend told me to do that because, if you depend on cream and/or sugar, at least half the time your cup of coffee will somehow be screwed up.  So that’s what I did from giddy-up, drink it black.  And I easily average three or four cups a day. 

Exactly what, you may be asking at this point, does this have to do with not being Jewish? 

Whole truth and nothing but: not sure.

But there’s something about the attacks on these Starbucks shops  in London (see previous post) that really pisses me off.

Been wondering to myself –and now you –why.

(Just revealed:  average WordPress post = 250 words.  Did it!)


3 responses to “Karma Cafe

  1. So, what is “meaning” with a capital “M”?
    Isn’t that like describing the tao that is the true Tao?

  2. i.e., “Meaning” – doesn’t it depend on what what the meaning of “is” is?

  3. Patience, Grasshopper.

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