Big Day

 I almost forgot about it.  My munthiversary, that is.  What can I tell you, tempis freakin’ fugit.  This blog is a month old, woo hoo!  Like I said: it just got lost back there in the old memory banks but then… the endorsements and congratulations started rolling in.

Nonlinear thinking for a nonlinear age.  Great stuff.  — Bill G., Washington

You’re one reason they’ll never pry that BlackBerry (African-AmericanBerry, whatever) thingee away from my husband.   — Michelle O., Washington, DC

Slow Stagger is just the ticket: inconsistent content with an indeterminate purpose.  — Steve J., California

您是互聯網的漫步的道士。 然而,如果您在中國住,我認為您也許在監獄。– John L., Shanghai
The future of blogging? Three words: Slow Stagger. — Joe B., Washington, DC
Я думаю что мы смогло иметь проблему с этой вантой. –Vladimir P., Moscow
Slow Stagger, je t’aime beaucoup. — Sophie M., Paris
Den här er varför jag uppfinna den Internet. — Albert G., Stockholm
And on and on.  Modesty forbids etc.
Mrs. Stagger, however, had this to add:  “So, I guess this means you’ll keep making a fool of yourself for another month.”
Month?  Month?!  WordPress, God love ’em, helps you with this stuff for free.  Plus I paid ten bucks at GoDaddy to get this domain name for a whole year.  Domain, what kinda guy doesn’t like the sound of that word? 
Domain, aarrrrrgh!

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