Starbucks: A Defense

I like Ron Rosenbaum’s work; I own two of his books.  I’ve got the usual conservative crush on Michelle Malkin.  But I need to take exception to their Starbucks bashing (for instance here and here).  Rosenbaum criticises their quality control in a rant that averages about one typo per paragraph.  Malkin thinks this hugely successful company isn’t capitalistic enough or something.  And of course there’s a large inventory of other snooty complaints out there: about the decor or the music or how they want you to say grande instead of medium or how they drove dear old Smokin’ Joe’s Joe out of business (Are you sure it wasn’t the health department?) or how we just remembered how much we always loved the blue-collar vibe at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Well, I got Mrs. Stagger a Starbucks Gold Card for Christmas and now I’m doubly glad I did.  She likes the place.  It’s convenient; they’re friendly and efficient; they make a good decaf Americano.  From reports I’ve received, they treat their employees pretty good. 

And now comes this mini-kristallnacht crap. 

Stop by your local Starbucks.  They gave it away on election day, didn’t they?  Have yourself a venti or a grande or a whatever-the-hell they call it.  I’m having two.


3 responses to “Starbucks: A Defense

  1. I got a $50 Starbucks’ Card for Christmas and none of my three local Starbucks outlets will accept it. It appears to apply to only owned and operated stores.

    • Hmm, not sure what the deal is there. Are they in Barnes and Noble or someplace? The kiosk at our local Safeway will take the wife’s Gold Card. I’ll ask about gift cards next time.

  2. I think there is a difference between a Starbuck’s gift card ($50) and a Gold Card. The Gold Card is good at any Starbuck’s in the world (Are there Starbuck’s in Tibet?). The Gift cards are used like money and scanned. So I think it’s possible that certain franchises, such as the Starbuck’s in the Barnes & Noble, won’t take the Gift cards. But, they will give a discount with the Gold Card.

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