IAQ (Infrequently Asked Questions)

1. I see Margaret Spellings, the outgoing Secretary of Education, has sent an open letter  to Arne Duncan, her successor.  You’ve been critical of Mr. Duncan’s credentials.  Just wondering, how were those of Ms. Spellings?

A. Spellings was neither teacher nor administrator in any school whatsoever.  She held positions in Bush campaigns and administrations and was known as an “educational reformer.” Educational reformers are to education what community organizers are to communities.

2. As a public school teacher with conservative beliefs, were you a member of that demonic institution, the teacher’s union?

A. I was.  When I remembered to do so, I had them refund the fraction of my dues which went to political candidates.  However, the union negotiated my contract for me –and did a much superior job than I could ever have managed on my own.  Most importantly, they provided ready legal protection for me in an environment where I never knew when I might need it.  George Will describes the current legal topography in this article.

3. Waddya think, would Jack Bauer make a good public school teacher?

A. Well, while Jack would be good for a lot of jobs, and he is obviously capable of going for long periods without going to the bathroom (a critical component of successful classroom teaching), he does have a tendency to put his hands on people.  See the George Will article above.  Probably a no.

4. So, you’re implying that it might be kinda hard for a counter-terrorist operative to dial it down and take an ordinary job?

A. Exactly. And this article by Thomas Sowell makes much the same the point (among many others) about the terrorists.  What will they do with themselves when they can’t make things go boom anymore?  Work in libraries? Sell groceries? Deliver pizza?  Might turn out to be a little boring for them.  And do you get to wear a mask?

5. How is your new painting class going?

A. Thanks for asking.  It’s going okay, though it’s pretty intense, and I am the worst painter in the class.

6. (Submitted by Mrs. Stagger) So, is this what most blogs look like?  You just talk about anything you want to?  Anything that falls out of your brain?

A. Yes, honey, I’m doing it just the way you’re supposed to.


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