News from Whoever

Michael Ledeen is always worth a listen.  Consequently, his support for Leon Panetta as CIA Director made me pause to reconsider my own initial opinion (below: A Tale of Two Job Searches).  I think, however, I’m inclined to go with Ralph Peters (by way of Neoneocon) and retain my doubts.  Not that it makes much difference.  We’ll just have to hope that Ledeen and this guy –whoever he is– are right.

Incidentally, about that “whoever he is” crack: not as harsh as it sounds.  Doesn’t it describe most of us, allowing for the universal pronoun, especially on the internet?  For sure: no one more than me.  But, if we didn’t want to listen to the “whoevers,” why would we even be here?

Meanwhile, Ledeen relays an e-mail from Steven Plaut that, by comparing the situation in Sri Lanka to that in Gaza, is tragically revealing.  Take a look.


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