The One Percent Solution

Some stuff is just way too complicated for me.  For instance, I don’t understand the calculus that the Israel Defense Force is supposed to employ before squeezing off a round.  The target under consideration is called a school, but isn’t it really a school/arms cache/morter platform?  And what are the chances it’s also wired with explosives that may go off and multiply the civilian casualties?  And all those civilians, are they civilians all the time?  Or do they put on masks at other times and become –what?– soldiers?  Well, like I said, too much for me.

I’ve decided I’ll just use the system I use for the PGW (Person-made Global Warming) question.   I really can’t keep up the way I should with things like, say, the current thinking on calibrating tropical speleotherms.  However, since person-made CO2 constitutes less than one percent (probably much less) of the entire greenhouse effect, I think I’ll just conclude that it’s probably not the crux of the problem.  Which is likely to be found someplace much bigger… like maybe the sun.

In similar fashion, since the landmass of Israel is less than one percent of the entire Middle East (and Israel has zero percent of the oil), if Israel gets in a shooting match with somebody, it’s probably not something they wanted or started.  And they’re fully entitled to shoot back without being held to a standard so immaculate that, if you can find it in the annals of warfare at all, I bet it appears –you guessed it– less than one percent of the time.


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