A Tale of Two Job Searches

Here in Denver the professional football franchise, called the Broncos for those of you not in the neighborhood, is looking for a new head coach.  Pat Bowlen, the owner, is flying around the country interviewing candidates for the job.  We locals expect that within a few weeks Mr. Bowlen will offer millions and millions of dollars to one of the gentlemen on the short list (not to be confused with the short bus) to come lead our team.  There’s a lot at stake of course; we’re talking about the NFL. 

A little “what if.”  What if Mr. Bowlen were to waltz back into town and introduce Leon Panetta , Obama’s pick to lead the CIA, as his new head coach.  Naturally Bowlen would preface the announcement by explaining that, while his new coach lacked any actual experience in the game, he was a visionary, a problem solver, and –gosh, darn it– a kick-ass think-tank manager.  Waddya think the reaction of the fans would be?  Of the sportwriters?  Of the players on the team?

Just askin’.


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