Let’s Get Ready to…

…widget! Yes, I am starting to add widgets, specifically links to some favorite sites. In the unlikely event you’ve read any of my initial posts, you know that one of the motivations behind this blog is a personal attempt at coming to grips with new technologies, toward which my attitude has been heretofore ambivalent bordering on neo-Luddite.  As an example, I’m pretty foggy on a lot of the stuff listed under widgets. I’m confident, for instance, that I’m not ready for “Box.net file sharing.” What the hell is the Box.net anyway?

Anyway. Yesterday’s post was gloomy, hard to deny. If you’ll permit an explanation: on Saturday I cracked a tooth, and this led to assorted ponderings on the fateful and inconvenient timing of such events. Thence into labyrinthine thoughts of mortality, the dissolution of the body, the winding down of the universe, and so forth. In short, I was in a  mood most pissy.  Today, despite the fact that I am fitting this post in between visits to the dentist, I intend to rally. And one of the things that always helps me rally is looking at art. My own attempts at making art, well, that can break either way. But looking at art I like, it always helps. I take the Daily Paintworks feed, not because I think it provides, ahem, great art. It provides good art of a certain kind, and it provides inspiration. These people work every or almost every day. As far as I could see, they worked right through the holidays. They are, in the best sense of the word, professionals.

Karin Juricks and Marc Hanson, two sites I check in with now and then. I’m rarely disappointed.

More links to come.

Also and lastly, for those of you who share my scepticism on anthropogenic Kennedy warming, this is like, you know, cheering.

Back to the dentist.  Getting some reading done, at least.  The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram.  Highest recommendation (even if it sometimes gets a little woo-woo).


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